Sunday, July 12, 2015

How to Get Your Girl Back After Cheating on Her - Is it Possible?

Believe it or not it is possible to plan an effective campaign around how to get your girl back after cheating on her. The reason? Because deep down inside she still loves you no matter how much she despises what you did.

Mickey and Rose were a great couple. They were madly in love, had traveled near and far together, and even had thoughts of something a little more committed than just dating in the near future. Then, out of the blue, Mickey cheated on Rose.

It wasn't enough that he cheated, he actually got caught in the act. It was a huge betrayal of trust for Rose. She just couldn't live with it so she left right then and there.

Mickey could have forced the issue, followed, begged, and made bargains he had no intention of keeping but he did not. Guess what? He did the smartest possible thing he could have done (and no, cheating was not the smartest thing). He let her go.

It hurt. Mickey still loved her. The cheating meant nothing to him. He realized now, albeit too late, that it meant everything in the world to Rose.

So, Mickey did a little soul searching of his own and realized that he was getting a little nervous about all the commitment talk. He didn't want things to end between them but he wasn't sure he was ready to be tied down to marriage and family.

Once he sifted through his emotional baggage it was time to move on to Rose and try to work things through. How did he begin? Humbly.

He apologized. He accepted responsibility. He didn't mention the feelings he had about commitment. He fully accepted that he was to blame and asked Rose for another change.

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