Friday, December 12, 2014

How Do I Get My Ex Back After a Bad Breakup

Are you wondering "How Do I Get My Ex Back After a Bad Breakup"? A big fight, a slow whimper, whatever the case, it's over, they are gone and you're alone. So now, you are wondering What to do. You ask yourself, "How do I get my ex back?" while pondering the breakup situation. Well there is no single guaranteed way to get your ex back after a difficult breakup.

But there are some things you can try. First off write down some of the things that you feel may have caused the breakup. Ask yourself open ended questions. Did I pay attention to their needs? Did I make an effort to truly give my affection and attention to them? These are the beginnings in order to understand how you can get your ex back.

Once you have some answers, invite them to a neutral meeting place. Ask them the same open ended questions you asked yourself and listen to their response. If you have to write the questions down before meeting with your ex, then do that. Just let them know honestly and openly that you would like to be involved in their life again. And wait for the response. Don't respond emotionally either. If they are angry let them blow up. If they gush all over you remain calm. If there is room, apologize.

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Work through whatever they mention and with patience work on loving them. Don't be overly affectionate at first, ease back into things. Show them you are apologetic by your actions if they pinpointed something in which you failed (Your forgetful of important dates for ex.) Actively work on it and be open to their criticism. They may be brutal at first, but don't respond in like manner. Take it in and tell them you appreciate their perspective even if you really don't.

Over time they should warm up to you. If you can prove your self faithful in listening and being understanding you should have them back in your life. But guard yourself so you don't repeat the same mistakes. You don't want to be asking how do I get my ex back again.

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