Friday, May 30, 2014

How to Get Your Ex Back After a Bad Break Up - This is How to Get Your Ex Back Fast!

The end of a relationship or even worse the end of a marriage is quite painful and depressing for most of us, because it creates feelings of insecurity and loss.

Before we decide to put a relationship behind us, we must make every effort to overcome all the problems. When someone is important to us, then we must fight and make sacrifices to keep this person in our lives. If you want to get your ex back , then the first thing you need to do is to identify all your mistakes and shortcomings, that led to the separation.

Here are some common mistakes that usually ruin a relationship:

•You were too critical. If you were constantly complaining, then you may have caused feelings of helplessness and rejection in your partner. This alone could have been the reason for the break up, because no one can tolerate this kind of behavior for a long time.

•You played too many power games. Did you ever try to impose your will upon your partner? Relationships should not be about competition, because this is usually disastrous.

•You got too comfortable. Being too comfortable inside a relationship is a problem, because it makes you seem boring. Taking your partner for granted is never a good idea. You should never 'let yourself go' and you should try to keep your partner intrigued and entertained.

So, what happens if you have identified your mistakes and are now ready to get back with your ex?

Here are some simple tips that can help you win your ex back:

1.Do not try to make him/her jealous by mentioning other men or women. Your ex will immediately understand what you're trying to do and you will turn them off.

2.If you have discovered that they have already started another relationship, acting jealous or desperate would be a bad idea. Keep in mind that you may have an advantage over your rival: you have a past together.

3.Rediscover your interests: Sometimes a lasting relationship may be a bad thing: it often makes us lose our personal interests. This may be a good time to rediscover your old hobbies and friendships.

4. Do not bad mouth your ex lover: As tempting as it may be, saying negative things about your former partner is really not a good idea. If you need to get the anger out, it would be better to visit a counselor, or talk to someone you can trust. Also, if you are trying to get him/her back, negative talk is counter-productive, because it will only create feelings of vengeance and retaliation.

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