Friday, February 14, 2014

Do You Really Want Him Back...or Do You Just Not Want Anyone Else to Have Him?

Whether he made the choice to break up with you or you made the move to break up with him, the process of making it through a breakup can be a truly heart wrenching experience.

But maybe you start to miss him and part of you wants him back. You get the idea that rekindling the romance could benefit both of you. Yet, something you should consider is that possibly you do not really want him back, you just do not want anyone else to have him.

There is a strong difference between jealousy and wanting to get back into a relationship with someone you once dated. To be sure of your feelings you should not rush back into a relationship with him. Give yourself some much needed time to think the situation through in order to figure out what it is that you really want. Moving slowly is key.

If you make the choice to get back into a relationship with him, and it turns out you're not really interested in him anymore, it is going to be tough to break things off once again. But sometimes it works out in the favor of love, and the romance is rekindled.

It is completely natural to not want any girl to have your ex-boyfriend after a breakup. You spent a lot of time with this man and made a lot of memories with him; thinking of another girl basically taking your place can be a hard thing to face.

You need to keep in mind that the past is the past, and even though this chapter of your life is over, brighter things lay ahead. If he can find someone, you can easily do the same - you just need to let go of the past first.

Many women have a hard time distinguishing between wanting to get back with their ex and just not wanting another girl to have him. There are several questions you can ask yourself to help you figure out what you really want. Some of these questions include:

- Can you picture yourself in a relationship with him again?
- Were you happier in the relationship or out of the relationship?
- Do you have thoughts of him being with someone else?
- Would you rather be with him or without him?

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Your answers to the previous questions can help determine the move that you want to make. Typically, the feeling that most girls are experiencing is just jealousy. It is completely normal to not want your ex-boyfriend to be spending his time with another girl.

Do not act on these feelings. Jumping into a relationship or telling him you don't want him with anyone else is going to complicate the situation for the two of you. This door of your life has closed but many more have opened in its place.

Leave the past behind you and put your jealousy aside. Do not let a little bit of jealousy keep you from finally moving on

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