Saturday, November 2, 2013

How to Win Your Ex Back - Proven Advice That Can Win Your Ex Back Within 14 Days Or Less

Is your life becoming non-existent because of splitting up with your ex? Do you wake up and spend 70% of your day time wondering why you ever let things get so bad? Do you wish you could turn back the clocks and change the path your relationship went down? Follow these tips and find out how to win your ex back within 14 days!

#1 Give them space

Don't go overboard when you split up with your partner. It is a confusing time, and there are many reasons for relationships breaking off. If it wasn't such a serious matter, allow your ex time to think about what actually happened and how they can forgive/you can forgive them. Allow them space and time to think!

#2 Reduce communications

This doesn't mean that you need to stop phoning or texting them, but don't be calling them like you did as partners. Allow them to feel unloved and unwanted; allow them to experience being lonely.

#3 Don't help them through the breakup

Most relationships end on a good note. Once the relationship is over the pair will become friends. Become friends over time, but if you want you're ex back, don't comfort them as they will feel like they can tread all over you. Instead explain you need time alone, they will soon start to feel like they need you back!

#4 Don't give up

Some relationships are dead from the beginning, but if you have the feeling that it should work, let nothing stand in your way. Just because they kiss someone else or even have a new boyfriend doesn't mean you should not be with them in the long run.

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