Sunday, September 1, 2013

What Do I Have To Do To Get Him Back?

Everything you think you knew about your life has suddenly seemed to turn end over end and land upside down. Your boyfriend just left and you feel empty and more than a little hurt.

All the plans you had made have suddenly vanished and your future seems to be in a sudden state of limbo. Your mind keeps replaying your relationship and how it ended. No matter how hard you try you can't help but think there has to be something you can do or could have done that would have or will change the outcome. You only want to know one thing, really. "What do I have to do to get him back?"

You know there has to be something that will turn the tides in your favor and have him running back to you for a second chance. You just don't have a clue what that one thing is.

Debunking Myths About Men

Many women, around the world, make men so much more complicated than they really are. Men are EASY! There are a few things men want from the women they love. Really it comes down to two big things and then everything else falls into subcategories (and it's not what you're thinking – what you're thinking is one of the subcategories).

We'll get back to those two things in a minute. But first, let's discuss a few myths about men that might help you relate better with yours.

Myth #1 – Men Are Constantly on the Lookout for Someone More Beautiful

But men aren't looking for supermodels. They aren't looking to "trade up" on the attractive scale. Did you know that most men who have affairs believe that the other woman was LESS attractive than their wives? If he loved you he loved the total package and that means that he found you attractive.

Myth #2 – Men Need to be Mothered

Men have mothers. The neither want nor need another mother. It's great that you want to take care of the man you love but he's a big boy now and it's time for you to give him a decidedly un-motherly glimpse of you if you want to get your boyfriend back.

Myth #3 – Men are not Emotional

Men are very emotional creatures. They've simply been taught to express those emotions differently. Men show love by maintaining vehicles, providing food and shelter, and protecting the women they love. Women are more inclined to discuss or otherwise express their emotions through tears, laughter, and other means while men generally internalize. Don't mistake for one second than an absence of expression indicates and absence of emotion.

Now that there has been some serious male myth-busting going on it's time to figure out what will make a difference and what will work to help you get your man back. It really does come down to two little things you boyfriend needs from you if you want to make the relationship long and successful.

They are RESPECT and ADMIRATION. Flatter him. Let him know that he is still the King of your heart and tell him why you think he's tops in your life.

Of course that's easier said than done when he's not even talking to you these days, right? So how do you get him to hear you out so you can show him just how much you really do respect and admire him? These step by step instructions are the same instructions that have helped 1.5 million people start their journeys back to the loves of their lives. Maybe they can help you get your ex boyfriend back too!

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