Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Brian Bold's Ex Back System Review

In your journey to win your ex back, you've likely come across a number of different products claiming to help you out. The ex back system is different. Not only will you read the basics of what to do, you'll go through an entire interactive system that if you let it will change your life.

The ex back system offers a lot more than similar products on the market. It's written by someone who actually used it and there are plenty of testimonials on the page that say it works. But what do you get with this system that makes it so different?

First you will go through the main book. It is laid out in 5 phases to get your ex back. Each phase has different actions you need to take to help you with that process. Complementing the book is a series of workbooks and mind maps one for each phase. The workbooks help you apply what you are reading and the mind maps help you visually understand what you learn in the book.

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One of the most powerful tools in the system is the transformation journal. It takes you through 60 days of self discovery. You'll learn what you need in a relationship, as well as what your ex needs. You will also start to figure out where the relationship went wrong and how to fix it. It really can help to transform your mindset from negative to positive. However there is one drawback you have to use it for it to be effective. Also the system comes with the book on video and audio formats so if you are a visual or auditory learner you'll be better able to absorb the information. Most other similar products do not include this feature.

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