Friday, August 5, 2011

Ask Yourself These Tough Questions Before You Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

You’re a guy. You’re all about testosterone, the game, competition and winning. So before you learn the secrets to get your ex girlfriend back, you may need to sit down and ask yourself some tough questions. After all, why win at a game which you don’t really enjoy playing? Why win a competition only to receive a prize that you really don’t want anyhow?

Are you going after the Stanley Cup that you can proudly display in its own specially made case? Or are you going after a plastic little league trophy that you are going to put on a shelf to collect dust anyhow.
Now I realize that many of these answers are going to depend on who did the breaking up. The motivation that you have to get your ex girlfriend back will rest partially on whether the breakup was mutual, if she left you, or if you dumped her.

But the good news is that however the breakup went down there is still a method that you can use to get your ex girlfriend back. But first ask yourself these tough questions.

1. What emotions (yes, I used the word emotions…don’t get scared) do you experience when you think about the relationship you had with your ex girlfriend. Are they mostly happy, with a few trouble spots? Are they anger or confusion over some feelings of turmoil and chaos? Is it hesitation?

2. When someone talks about your ex girlfriend, how do you feel? Are you interested in having a discussion about her? Do you prefer not to open the subject? Do either of these feelings make you want to get your ex girlfriend back, or make you want to see what else is out there.

3. Do you believe that you have a lot in common with your ex? If you took away the physical attraction that you may have felt (don’t worry) do you find her genuinely interesting, bright, kind, and fun to be around. Now put that physical attraction back in there (see, I told you not to worry). Did you have an easy time being intimate with her? Could you open yourself up to her and feel safe in your relationship? Yes, even guys need to feel safe…you want to know that she will watch your back.

4. If someone asked you how you feel about your ex girlfriend, what would you say? Do you really miss her? You may have pushed thoughts of her aside so that you won’t be distracted, or be seen as weak, but if you give yourself a hall pass to really say what you feel…do you miss her?

5. Did the breakup happen suddenly? How the breakup came about can be a good clue about how much you will need to do to get your ex girlfriend back.
Asking yourself these tough questions will allow you to make the decision to take the next step. You have to know “why” you want to do something in order to be successful with the “how”. And if you want to discover how to get your ex girlfriend back then you just need to learn the rules of the game. The playing field may be different now, but the rules and techniques can be mastered by anybody willing to practice.

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